Your PSS scheme

Frequently asked questions about PSS include:


What is a defined benefit scheme?

Your PSS scheme is structured as a defined benefit scheme. It means your final benefits paid to you are defined in advance by a set formula based on your:


What is my Benefit Multiple?

It is a factor used – with your final average salary – to calculate your final benefit when you exit PSS. It is influenced by your contribution rate and length of scheme membership. Most importantly, the greater your Benefit Multiple, the greater your final PSS benefit will be (however, your benefit cannot exceed your Maximum Benefit Limit).


Can I roll other super into PSS?

Yes, you can consolidate other super you have into PSS, as long as your other super meets certain conditions. Please read more on transferring other super into PSS.


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What does it mean if I’m a limited benefits member?

Being a limited benefits member means that, if you retire as an invalid or die, the benefit payable to you or your dependants will be restricted to a lump sum of your accrued benefit multiple at the time of your invalidity retirement or death. This restriction is applied irrespective of your responsible medical condition. You can only be a limited benefits member for the first three years of your PSS membership.


How do I preserve my benefit when I resign?

Please complete a Cessation of employment [PDF 1 MB] and elect to your preserve your PSS benefit. Then provide your completed form to your personnel section which will pass it to PSS for action. PSS must receive it 90 days before you end your current employment arrangement; this is to ensure you are recorded as a PSS preserved member and continue to receive future Member Statements for your PSS super.


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