If you are a contributing member, your super can only be invested in the Default Fund.

Preserved members can choose one of the following two investment options:

Preserved members who have not made a choice in the past will be in the Default Fund.

Contributing members do not have investment choice. The accumulation components of your benefit are automatically invested in the Default Fund.

Which option should preserved benefit and associate members choose?

Take time to understand your investment options, taking your personal objectives, financial situation and needs into account. For example, you should consider:

  • the impact investment performance has on your account
  • how long your money will be invested before you need it for retirement
  • the level of risk and fluctuation in the value of your investment that you can tolerate.

Learn how to switch your investment options and what you should keep in mind.

Read your PSS Product Disclosure Statement and Investment Options and Risk Booklet.

We also recommend you consider personal financial advice.